Integrated Aromatherapy Lifestyle

is the use of essential oils to help lead a healthy lifestyle. Using essential oils can help
elevate mood                               treat ailments
heal wounds                                 cleaning
concentration                              enhance air quality

As a general cleaning element, you can create a safe and effective cleaner for household chores. They can be added to laundry as a ‘detergent’ and softener. You can diffuse them to take care of common household smells. They are environmentally friendly, safe and effective.

As a healing agent, essential oils can be used as an effective enhancement or replacement to Western techniques. They can be used for general first aid, for a wide variety of ailments and to increase the quality of living.

Our Pathways to Wellness Series, often has aromatherapy seminars and practice sessions. For more information on these or to learn how to integrate the wonderful smell of aromatherapy into a healthy lifestyle, call Laura!

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