The practice of aromatherapy is again gaining popularity. It is a timeless tradition that ancient Egyptians used for many purposes. Body-Wise offers consultations to those people who are looking to use Aromatherapy & Essential Oils as part of their holistic health plan.    These sessions last for an hour and offer suggestions on the best uses and applications of essential oils for healing and wellness. Aromatherapy is used for a wide variety purposes from healing an illness to cooking; from supporting wellness to cleaning!

An Aromatherapy consultation at Body-Wise, consists of the client completing a generalized questionnaire about their desires on integrating aromatherapy into their life and a health intake form. You and your therapist will create a plan specifically tailored for you to your desires and needs.

During this private consultation, your therapist will teach you  use of essential oils for healing and wellness and specific to your needs. You will be provided with an array of information on the safe and effective use of specific oils that will help you achieve your personal goals.  Education as to the methods utilized will be discussed as well as offering a wide range of essential oil options.

As an extra gift to you, you will also receive a private massage oil blend created just for you by your therapist.

For more information, please contact Laura!  Call to schedule your way to health through your own  olfactory sense!

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