Gateway Dreaming™

is a self-exploration of your dreams!

It helps you discover the meaning, healing  & choice of actions to be taken that are found within the hidden messages.
It is a process of learning and growing and literally a way of manifesting your unconscious dream into reality!
By using the tools and techniques you learn, you can

‘”Dream Your Life Into Being”

The Tools of Gateway Dreaming™

are many.  See our Dedicated website:

You will be coached on how to

  • recall dreams,
  • discover dream aids (stones, essentials oils, symbols etc),
  • learn Feng shui and space clearing to promote dreaming
  • use your dreams to activate special talents & abilities and
  • how  to over come fears and obstacles.
  • learn the most common dreams and their meanings
  • gain valuable messages from your night-time dreams.


Why Gateway Dreaming™ at Soul-Wise?

We dream during the night. We day-dream. We even dream during our bodywork! Yet, many people do not understand their dreams. In fact,  many people do not even remember their dreams.

Dreams contain secret messages from both your Body & Soul. They can be used as an amazing tool to understanding your daytime life. They are a great source of   Wisdom & Guidance to offering you options and solutions to the everday challenges that we face.

The average person dreams for an hour and half each night (equivalent to a university education over a lifetime)! The question is,  if you dream this much, why would you NOT want to hear, listen & understand the messages they are sending us!

And so, we offer Gateway Dreaming™ at Soul-Wise as a tool to enhance those client’s who desire to understand their body & soul.      Pleae visit our dedicated site for more information:

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