Every Day Feng Shui Study Group

Join Body-Wise in a journey to creating harmony in your life and comfort in your environment.

Have you ever been curious about the art of Feng Shui?
Is your life ‘out-of-balance’?  Is your home cluttered and feeling chaotic?
Have you ever felt that your life is not on a path and, if it is, that it can easily get derailed?
Have you ever wondered why your home doesn’t feel like it embraces you?

This study group will teach you about Instinctive Feng Shui: how your environment has a direct impact with your health, your level of energy, the abundance in your life and how full-filled you feel.

This interactive program will guide you to gain a deeper, personal understanding of Feng shui, the ancient art of home placement. Participants will learn how to create a home with intention, gain intimate knowledge of their own space and improve it for greater life harmony and comfort.

The 6 sessions will cover such topics as: energy flow, yin and yang, the bagua (the center piece to understanding feng shui), clutter, color, space clearing and much more.

This program is facilitated by Laura Clark, CPIA (Certified Practitioner of Interior Alignment).  As a body worker, Laura is familiar with how important energy flow in and around the body is to healing and wellness. This knowledge took her on a quest for more education into how one’s environment affects their lives and so her Interior Alignment practice was born. She enjoys working with her clients in helping shape homes and workspaces. Through helping shift their energies using the techniques of Interior Alignment, clients of Laura’s align their spaces with their heart’s desires and greater abundance and Joy is found in their lives!

Spring 2011 New Course Format!
Laura will be offering this class as a teleseminar beginning in May!  Check back soon for more details!

Will be a teleseminar!NEW TIMES!!!!!

Class Cost: $199  for the 6 session series.

BONUS:       A Private Facebook Group with loads of hints and information!
BONUS:       A personalized one room Feng Shui Mini Consultation (must have skype capabilities)

For more information or to register, call Laura @ Body-Wise   401-848-9825

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