Dream Coaching: Gateway Dreaming™ Classes & Tele-classes

Discover The Art Of Dreaming & Their Meanings
SUNDAY, April  17th  10:30-12:30  At Body-Wise

We all Dream! Do you Remember Your’s? How did you interpret it for yourself?
Would like to know more about how they resonate in your life???????

  • Learn about the History of Dreaming
  • Discover how Dreaming is both a Science & an Art
  • Learn about How to Enhance Your own Dream Recall
  • Explore what Dream Journals can do to help in the study of your own dreams
  • See how your nighttime dreams can help manifest your Life Dreams & Desires

BONUS item:           A How-to Create-Your-Own Dream Journal Guide
BONUS item:           MP3 download available of one of Laura’s own  Synchro-Alignment meditations for Dream Recall
BONUS item:          One on One 15 Minute Dream Coaching Session

*DOUBLE BONUS ITEM:   Register by April 8th  & bring a friend for  free!
*TRIPLE BONUS ITEM:        Register by April 8th & receive a copy of Denise Linn’s Book:
The  Hidden Power of Dreams with an extensive Dream Symbol Dictionary

Your Investment:   Just $30.00.  Call the Office to Register…..401-848-9825

Gateway Dreaming Introductory Tele-Seminar
SUNDAY, April  17th   8 pm EST     FREE

Join Laura as she unveils the Art of Dreaming,
shows you the Gateway to remembering your dreams,
how you can discover the magical messages your dreams have to offer you!
(Don’t worry if you can’t join us live!  It will be recorded so you can hear it afterward as well)

Beginning Tuesday, May  10th 8 pm EST
Gateway Dreaming Tele-seminar Program
Level I
Have you ever wanted to Tap into the power of your dreams?
Have you ever wanted to understand your dreams or a recurring dream that you have?
Do you want to know how to discern the inner messages of your dreams?
Did you know that by understanding your nighttime dreams they can empower your life?
Now You Can!      In this course you will:

  • Learn  how scientists, psychologists, and mystics view your dreams
  • Discover methods of Dream Recall
  • Explore Dream aides, such as special stones, essential oils, herbs, bells, and symbols.
  • Learn feng shui and space-clearing secrets to promote dreaming- From a certified instructor of Interior Alignmenttm
  • Develop the skill of astral travel and lucid dreaming.
  • Use dreams to connect with your master guides.
  • Gain meaningful & mystical messages.
  • Activate special talents and abilities.
  • Use your dreams to overcome fears and phobias.
  • Learn the most common dreams and their meanings.

This six week course will guide you to an exciting, enriched summer where you can truly manifest your nighttime desires into day time reality! Several Bonus Items will be available and listed here shortly!                                     Course Fee $199.00

Coming Fall 2011     Gateway Dreaming  Tele-seminar Program   Level II
An Advanced Level Class where you can continue activating your dreams, deepen your skills as a Dreamer and learn new techniques to highten your ability to enhance your life and those around you!~

For more information on any of these or to register, please call 401-848-9825 and don’t forget to visit Our Dream Blog!

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