Seven Star Blessing™ Space Clearings

Laura offers Space Clearing sessions utilizing ancient space clearing techniques from around the world.  She will
do a thorough cleansing and blessing of your home or business.

People seek this service for a variety of reasons:

  • to stimulate abundance in a new job
  • to gain renewed energy during or after a health crisis
  • to create energy for a upcoming project or life endeavour
  • to set intention for a change in their life

People seek this service when home/office use changes:

  • for a new home or office
  • for a nursery for the arrival of a new baby
  • for a change in usage of a room–a den turning into a guest room; a guest room into a home office
  • after a spring cleaning or disaster clean up (as in the Flood of 2010)
  • after a renovation

These sessions are offered throughout New England.    Long Distance Space Clearing and Feng Shui & Synchro-Alignment™ Sessions are also offered.

Laura is happy to answer any questions you may have about these services and guide you toward
the one services that best fits your needs.

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