is a system that acknowledges the wisdom of traditional feng shui and space clearing and blessings.
It is based on the belief that

“Where Intention goes, Energy Flows.”  (Denise Linn)

At it’s center is the core the belief that each person knows what is best for their environment and their life.
Laura Clark is Body-Wise’s practitioner. She received this training after the realization that, while therapeutic, her bodywork treatments could only do so much. If someone received a relaxing massage but returned to a chaotic home or office, the benefits would be minimized. She now offers this service in addition to her body-work to help clients create a space that can support not only their bodywork, but their dreams and desires as well.

She also works with healing art professionals  and other working men and women. She realized that many people have strong skills as healers and in their own professions but often do not reach the success they want. She teaches these client’s  to use these profound tools to elevate their businessess. Through the use of  Interior Alignment® and other tools, she helps these clients to achieve their goals and desires.

She helps each of their clients by using unique tools such as Instinctive Feng Shui™ , Seven Star Blessing Space Clearing™ method,  Synchro-Alignment™ techniques and more to better understand how energy, chi, plays a role in their lives. Laura’s Interior Alignment® is all encompassing, spiritual, physical and mental professional practice that enrich the lives of her clients.

Laura credits her knowledge to the unique program developed by Denis Linn and her incredible teacher Laurie Bornstein. You can learn more about Denise at and Laurie Bornstein, master teacher at


‘Instilling Balance In the World, One Sacred Space at a Time…’

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