Soul-Wise ENERGY UP Programs

are designed to enhance our client’s innate ability to heal, grow and find happiness from within & to flourish in their lives.   Our Soul-Wise services are all designed to do just this!    We have discovered that many of our client’s have asked for support from us—outside of Body-Wise’s body-work sessions—-for services that go beyond this.

And so, our ENERGY UP programs began!  Life is challenging. There is no doubt about that. These programs offer tools to re-energize your life through those difficult times,  to enhance the time of respite and to exponentially experience the Joy around us.
These programs  have grown over the year’s and now include:

  • Inerior Alignmenttm– a specialized form of Feng shui
  • Every Day Feng Shuitm Feng Shui Study Groups
  • Seven Star Blessingtm Space Clearings
  • Meditation & Synchro-Alingmenttm Services
  • Gateway Dreamtm Coaching
  • Pathways to Wellness Seminar & Teleseminar Series

PAST TOPICS have included:
The Magic of Meditation
Introduction to  Feng Shui,
Aromatherapy Blending & Gift Making
The Art of using Pendulums,
Finding Understanding with the I-Ching,
How to Use Muscle Testing in you Everyday life

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