Voted: RI Magazine’s Best of RI

Your first facial reflexology experience will be very different than anything you have experienced before.  It will take you to the deepest level of relaxation.

During your treatment, you may leave your clothes on. Your therapist will cover you with a blanket or warm heat pad as during the treatment you may get the sense of feeling cool. The treatment utilizes a rosehip oil or lotion specifically to benefit the skin of the face.

The treatment begins by stimulation of acupressure points which release endorphins and serotonin to bring balance and serenity. From there, a variety of massage techniques are used throughout the treatment. Your treatment will not only address those concerns you have but also the under-lying cause for imbalance in your body.

Afterward, your inner health is rebalanced and outer self  is rejuvenated and glowing. If you are a make-up wearer, you will need to re-apply this after your treatment. The rosehip oil that Laura, your therapist uses, contains no sun-screen protection and thus, you may wish to re-apply your’s prior to leaving the office. You may also wish to bring a comb or brush with you as the techniques also includes a sensational scalp massage.

Our Facial Reflexology Treatment with neck shoulder stone massage was voted by the editor’s of RI Magazine: Best of Rhode Island for Relaxation and whole body wellness! See our blog post for more information:

What they said:
“Body-Wise takes this traditional treatment and turns it on its head-literally. Focusing on the face rather than the feet, one of their skilled therapists [Laura Clark] uses a combination of massage and presuure-point stimulation to release endorphins and serotonin. Loyalists swear by the technique’s abilities to alleviate everything from allergies to depression, but the feeling of balance and relaxation generally reserved for a full body massage is enough for us.”

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