History of Facial Reflexology

Facial Reflexology Sorensensistemtm method is a new holistic complementary therapy that helps you look good and feel good. It integrates Three Ancient Alternative Healing Therapies: Traditional Chinese Meridians and Points, Vietnamese Face Mapping and South American Mapuche Facial Reflex Zones with modern neuro-anatomy.

Founder Lone Sorensen created this method during many years of observation while working with over 12,000 clients. Her story amazes her students. After receiving her own reflexology and acupuncture education., she continued her studies all over the world. First, she went into the Argentinian mountainside with native Mapuche Indian women. These women would perform a type of facial reflex zone treatments. Without speaking each other’s language, they communicated and imparted their native knowledge to Lone. She, then,  traveled to Cuba (when travel to this nation was so limited) and was able to study in hospitals and rehabilitation centers with renowned acupuncturists and Vietnamese doctors. During her vast education, she created a way to masterfully weave and synthesize these therapies together into a treatment that is not only unique but provides vast healing and relaxation. It is the cutting-edge non-invasive therapy of holistic healing.

Facial Reflexology sorensensistemtm is practiced and taught world-wide. The Institute is based in Barcelona Spain and has been training therapists for 27 years. It is known to offer the finest courses on reflexology in the world today.The sorensensistemtm is found in Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Australia, Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands, Norway, Poland , Finland, England, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Japan and most recently she has been teaching in Dubai and Abu Dahbi.
It can be found in Rhode Island as well. Laura Clark is one of the first trained therapists who is certified by Lone herself to offer this treatment in New England.

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