Children and Young Adults

The Institute of Facial and Foot Reflexology has since 1978 helped children with Facial Reflexology for an assortment of diverse problems. Many trained therapists have had tremendous success with children. Among the most common success results in better performance by children who have had difficulty in school. This can be due to various reasons:

  • learning challenges
  • problems concentrating
  • weak memory and recall
  • peers causing emotional difficulties
  • social acclimation
  • stress and anxiety

Success has often been achieved prior to traditional Western intervention for challenges like this. As well, used in conjunction with traditional approaches for this type of behavior (i.e. counseling or prescriptive drugs), facial reflexology can be quite successful in resolving problems, decreasing stress and allieviating anxiety. Often within a few treatments, positive results are obtained. A sense of balance and tranquility are restored giving the child more ability to learn thus raising their self-confidence. Harmony returns to the family.

At Body-Wise, special pricing is available for children whose parent’s wish to support their child’s wellness through facial reflexology.

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