Reflexology of the Face

Face Reflexology combines three ancient therapies with modern science of neurology. Devised by Lone Sorenson, it is the combination of Traditional Chinese Medicine, South American Zone Therapy, Vietnamese face maps & points and our most current knowledge of neuro-anatomy.

This treatment feels like both a massage and pressure-point-reflexology treatment combined on the face. It is not only relaxing but rejuvenating as well.

Your face contains numerous nerves and blood vessels. It’s close proximity to the brain insures facial stimulation as the shortest pathway to the brain center, offering an extremely efficient effect in balancing ones health concerns. The stimulation works through the Central Nervous System onto specific organs and systems to assist in regulating your blood, lymph, body functions and hormones. This complementary therapy is designed to assess the underlying cause of the one’s compromised health, assist with the treatment of symptoms and aid in relaxation for all.

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