Wellness / Relaxation

Wellness massage is the perfect choice for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Wellness massage incorporates many therapeutic tools that your therapist chooses from to enhance the body, mind and spirit.

Massage benefits are exponentially enhanced when massage is used over time. It has been shown that when massage is used on a weekly or even monthly basis, the many benefits of health it offers have a greater effect upon one’s health.

The body benefits from increased circulation, muscular manipulation, lymphatic stimulation and more in one treatment. When an individual has more frequent sessions, the body remembers and assimilates the techniques faster and to a greater degree.

The mind & spirit are enhanced with greater relaxation. Many times, especially in new offices and with new therapists, it takes greater time to experience the rejuvenation treatments give. When you experience these therapies more often, it is easier to get into a meditative state that enhances mind, body & spirit relaxation. Stress is decreased to a greater degree over time because of this.

Purchasing massage therapy in packages offers a financial benefit as well. These generally are offered where  each treatment ends up at a 10%-20% price reduction. It also shows yourself that you have committed to receiving these benefits!

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