Reflexology & Shiatsu

Reflexology uses zone therapy to treat other areas of the body to affect healing and wellness.  These zones are stimulated with a specific technique to energetic balance the entire body and it’s functions.

Reflexology is often combined with Traditional Chinese Acupressure. Acupressure  stimulates certain points along lines of the body known as meridians. This stimulation corresponds to specific organs or body parts. This holds true for various zones in the feet, hands or face.

Parts of a Reflexology treatment using the foot, hand and now the face is based on this theory. The foot, hand and face are covered with points that correspond to various body systems and parts. Massaging these points, either stroking them or applying specific types of  pressure, releases tension and blockages that prevent the flow of energy and stimulates the circulation of blood. Reflexology also helps crush small “crystals,” or deposits of lactic acid, that settle in your body. Once they are broken up, they can be reabsorbed into the body and the waste can be eliminated by the lymphatic system.

At Body-Wise, we can integrate foot and hand reflexology into your massage treatment as many of the therapists have some education in these zone therapies.

Facial Reflexology is offered as it’s own therapeutic treatment and offers a wide range of healing benefits.

Shiatsu utilizes a combination of pressure and assisted-stretching techniques, some of which are common to other therapies, such as massage. The treatment stimulates the circulation and the flow of lymphatic fluid, releases toxins and deep seated tensions from the muscles, stimulates the hormonal system and the immune system, and acts on the autonomic nervous system, allowing the recipient to relax deeply and to get in touch with own healing power.

Some Benefits of Shiatsu include reduced stress & fatigue accumulated in the body, increased circulation of blood and lymph, reduced blood pressure and muscle stiffness and increased vitality, stamina and energy (Qi).

At Body-Wise, a Shiatsu massage treatment combines the wonderful healing and relaxing world of massage with the ancient benefits that shiatsu provides!

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