Infant massage

Infant massage relaxes and enhances bonding with your child. There are so many benefits!

It aids growth and development and promotes communication.
It also helps improve a baby’s sleep.
Infant loving touch lessens tension, fussiness and irritability within a baby.
It helps parents become more aware of their baby’s nonverbal cues.
It aids in digestion and provides relief of gas and colic.


Research specific to the benefits of infant massage has been ongoing since the mid 1970’s. This research has been conducted at various institutes and with infants who were premature, exposed to drugs in utero, and infants who had motor problems. In all of these categories, research showed that all the babies benefited from the nurturing touch of infant massage. These benefits included weight gain, neurological development, decreased hospitalization, and improved digestion.

Infant massage classes can be found at a variety of ob/gyn offices, birthing centers and privately, from certified infant massage instructors.

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