Aromatic Massage

Massage is an effective way to relieve stress, anxiety, and tension and when combined with the healing and balancing properties of therapeutic grade essential oils, it is known as an aromatherapy massage . It has powerful effects. It transforms your massage into a personalized aromatic experience that enhances your treatment, maximizing your healing and relaxation.

Your session consists of a personalized blend of therapeutic grade essential oils made by a certified aroma-therapist that is created specifically for your needs on the day of your session. What this means is :  Your oil is freshly blended so the properties of the oils are not lost to the manufacturing, shipping & shelf-life time. It is personally made for you using your needs to guide your therapist to choose a blend of oils that will relieve mental and physical tiredness.

Your aroma-massage oil is truly a special blend. It is not from a bottle that many therapists store-buy and use with all their clients. You may take home with you any oil remaining after your treatment to use après bath for continued healing and relaxation. You may also purchase either a 1 oz or 4.25 oz bottle of your own blend!!!!!

“Drops n Rocks” Raindrop Technique Treatment:

was developed by D. Gary Young, founder of Young Living Essential Oils, based on techniques taught to him by a Lakota medicine man named Wallace Black Elk. In Lakota Native American healing practices, healers sweep a feather upwards along the spine in imitation of the Northern Lights, which are revered for their healing energy.

9 essential oils are used in raindrop: 7 single oils and 2 therapeutic blends. A person receiving raindrop lays face down as oils are dropped up their back from a height of 6-12 inches. The oils are gently massaged in with the Lakota feathering motion. After the essential oils have been applied, a towel soaked in hot water is applied to the back to drive the oils further into the body.

Vitaflex, a foot reflexology technique, is used to apply the same oils to the spine reflexology points at the beginning of the raindrop. This offers a deep relaxation effect as well as aiding the body’s abilities to detoxify itself. Use of these essential oils in this particular fashion supports the body’s immune system.

At Body-Wise therapeutics, all Raindrop techniques are known as “Raindrop & Rock” treatments because we add the benefits of using stone massage into this therapy. The deep heat enhances essential oils ability to reach the areas that it needs to to effect healing & relaxation.

This treatment is an amazingly relaxing treatment that utilizes a wide variety of your therapists skills: extensive knowledge of aromatherapy and therapeutic grade oils, hot stone training and massage therapy. Only a trained aroma-therapist/massage therapist should deliver this treatment as it is necessary to have the knowledge and skills to use oils and massage together in a  safe and effective manner. One that keeps the safety of the client in mind while delivering the benefits that can be achieved from this therapy.

Vita Flex Treatments:

Vita-Flex means “vitality through the reflexes.” It is a specialized form of reflexive massage that uses rolling and releasing motions to activate reflex points on the feet, hands, and various areas throughout the entire body. It’s a tremendous tool that assists the body in healing itself, and is particularity effective in delivering the benefits of essential oils throughout the body.

It is said to have originated in Tibet thousands of years ago, long before acupuncture was developed, and perfected in modern times by Stanley Burroughs. It is based on a complete system of the internal workings of the body and the electrical circuitry inherent to the body.

When used with essential oils, the oils are applied to contact points. Energy is released through electrical impulses created by contact between the fingertips and reflex points. This electrical charge follows the nerve pathways to a break in the electrical circuit caused by toxins, damaged tissues, or loss of oxygen, allowing the energy to flow once more.

There are more than 1,400 Vita-Flex points throughout the human body, encompassing the entire realm of body and mind, that are capable of releasing many kinds of tension, congestion, and imbalances. Vita-Flex taps into and supports the body’s self-regulating system to allow rapid healing.

This is an extremely powerful treatment that is great for detoxifying the body and strengthening the immune system while supporting all of the systems of the body.

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