Benefits & Services

There are many benefits to being a client of ours at Body-Wise.  The most important is that each of our treatments, programs and consultations is client-centered. Your time with us will be tailored to meet your unique needs. We will strive to meet and surpass each of your goals each and every time.
Thank you for the opportunity you are taking to learn about how we can help you with physical healing, pain management, relaxation and expanding your well-being!!

Body-Wise offers a wide variety of services to meet most everyone’s healing and relaxation needs. Our Signature Services offer a diverse blend of holistic bodywork applications for the ultimate in healing and relaxation. These systems have been developed by Laura Clark after significant advanced bodywork training and years of working with clients. The more than 15,000 treatments she has done in her career have inspired her to create a system of bodywork designed for advanced healing and relaxation.

Beyond the Signature Services, Body-Wise offers traditional massage treatments by many different therapists. Each of these treatments utilize a wide variety of bodywork applications based upon the therapist’s training and unique abilities. We tailor each session to meet your needs on the particular day of an appointment. Our treatments are designed to enhance the healing and relaxation you and your body crave.


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