What to expect

on your first visit, you will need to fill out an intake form for all therapy treatments and consultations. You should arrive early to do this. But, you should arrive early all the time. We strive to begin on time as a valuable part of our service and, for the most part, we are on time. It is best if you have been able to arrive and take a few moments to relax. This allows you to actually begin your treatment BEFORE it begins! You will receive the most benefit this way.

If your visit is for bodywork, after you have filled out your intake form, your therapist will bring you into your treatment room and will do a brief interview regarding your health history and your desires for your session. Your therapist will then exit the room so that she can design a session for you as well as wash his/her hands. You can then privately undress and get under our sheets. You only need to undress to the level of your comfort. We can do our work with you fully clothed if that is your desire or you may get fully undressed if you are comfortable with our work this way. Your body always remains draped except for the area that therapist is working.

Your therapist will exit the room at the end of your treatment. You should take your time getting up and continue your relaxation as you exit the room. After a session, one always needs to hydrate to assist the body in regaining more balance and benefits. Your therapist will give you a cup of water and discuss the treatment, answer any questions you may have, schedule another appointment and collect payment if the session has not been pre-paid for or you are not using a gift certificate at this time.

If your visit is for a consultation, your therapist will greet you, offer you a cup of tea or water. Hydration is ALWAYS good. She will then take you into a room for privacy during the consultation.

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