Payment and Pricing

Pricing and Package Plans

BODY-WORK SERVICES: Our prices are competitive for the Aquidneck Island Therapeutic Body-work market. Some other therapists charge $10 less others still charge $10 more per appointment. So, in fact, for the experience that we provide, they are reasonably priced. We  also offer the ability to purchase a series of treatments which then bring the price per massage into a modest price for you.

CONSULTATIONS: Our Aromatherapy & Feng Shui & Space Clearing Consultations fees are based upon the client’s needs and expectations are.     Our Aromatherapy Consultations are based upon the time spent with the client.
Our Feng Shui Consultations are based upon the square footage of the space.
Our Space Clearing Consultations are based upon both square footage and time.

WORKSHOPS & SEMINARS: are affordable and priced in accordance with time, technique & experience of instructor

We often provide specials to our loyal clients and these can be found in:
our e-newsletters, on our Fan page on Face book, or on our display stand at our entry.
Be in touch with us  through these venues to take advantage of these wonderful opportunities.

Payment for body-work services and consultations is requested at the time services are rendered unless prior arrangements have been made. Payment is requested in cash or check. This keeps our cost of business down and then, we do not have to pass the rising cost of credit card payments on to you,  our client.

Payments are made to Body-Wise Therapeutics and services are provided by therapists who have contracts with our company. It is understood upon purchasing gift certificates or packages that every effort will be made to provide the recipient with the most suitable therapist available. No refunds are given for portions of packages unused for personal reasons or therapist preferences except in the case of injury, death or relocation of an armed service member.

Payment for our Classes, Workshops & Teleseminars is requested at time of registration unless prior arrangements have been made.

( For your convenience, Mastercard & Visa are accepted for package purchases, gift certificates and retail items   only and presently, this is available only at our main office in Wyatt Square. )

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