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Be in The Moment ~ even in a massage or bodywork treatment.

So, you want to relax and get away during your massage. To do this, you must be in the moment. Bringing your ‘schtuff’ into a massage room is not going to help you to heal, relax and unwind. So here … Continue reading

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We all have them: Somatic Emotional Responses.

What are they? They are responses to a touch that release emotion. This is different than muscle memory. In muscle memory, the muscle ‘remembers’ a particular movement that ended in injury and pain. An example of this would be whiplash. … Continue reading

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Massage therapy rubs out Inflammation or does it?

There was a study done and released earlier this year about massage and inflammation. They hypothesis was that a body massage would reduce inflammation and the study claimed that Yes, indeed, massage reduces inflammation. Great for massage therapy, right? Not … Continue reading

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