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Desire. Decide. DeClare. Do.

Desire. Decide. Declare. Do That’s The formula. Simply. Really. When you are thinking about doing something ~ physical. It’s all about simply this: Desire. Decide. Declare. Do.  That’s what I did when I had a burning desire to Run to … Continue reading

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Have you had your water today?

Water is essential to our physical needs. It is also essential to our emotionally needs as well. When your body becomes dehydrated each and everyone of our bodies systems begins to shut down. Our circulatory system slows, our lymphatic system … Continue reading

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Is the weather causing sinus pressure and headaches?  Over 45 million Americans report they deal with chronic headaches ~ of these 60% say that these headaches are migraines. Bodywork treatments available to these 45 million Americans. Massage therapy has long been … Continue reading

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