Welcome to Body-Wise Therapeutics

Do you need to take time for relaxation?
Does life have you too busy and on constant “GO”?

Does your body crave healing from aches, pain & muscular tension?

Body-Wise Therapeutics can help you with our expert massage therapy & bodywork services!

Body-Wise Therapeutics  provides tailored bodywork treatments and holistic consultations and programs designed to provide healing and relaxation to our clients. Our consultations and programs are offered to improve both the physical lives and inner-wellness of those we serve.

We offer a wide variety of hands-on bodywork treatments as well as programs to enhance our client’s  healing and wholeness. These include:

Therapeutic, sports & relaxation massage,

aromatherapy,  reflexology,

pre-natal massage   &  cranio-sacral bodywork treatments

How does your body talk to you?
Do you listen to it’s wisdom?

Integrated Bodywork that uses the best of
Massage, Reflexology and Shiatsu can help you.

Our sister company: Soul-Wise Living offers consultations and programs that allow the mind and body to meld together offering solutions to creating calm and joyful living in a world of demanding lifestyles.

Aromatherapy,  Instinctive Feng Shui: Interior Alignment , Every Day Feng Shui Study Groups,  Lunch ‘n Learn Get-togethers, Pathway to Wellness Lecture Series , Dream & Soul Coaching

We endeavor to support our clients in achieving their goals:  physical, mental, spiritual and emotional. Through professionalism, attention to all details and joy in working with you, we are inspired to support your healing & wellness.


Can you believe it?

Are you making time for self care?

Do you need some help with your holiday shopping?

If you answered YES to these questions,

it’s time for an appointment for body-w0rk

or call us for information about our many Gift Certificate Options!




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